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What Happened to the Slippers

What Happened to the Slippers?

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What Happened to the Slippers?
In September 2014, Woollybottoms slippers have been re-branded under the new name Snow and Arrow.  We have expanded to more than just wool and the time has come to separate the slippers onto their own. Remaining stock with old style polyester fleece lining will be clearance out. Please head over to the new Snow and Arrow website and enjoy a fun array of slippers there.  We promise you will not be disappointed :)  All slippers are now lined in a wonderful organic cotton fleece.  You will still find the wonderful recycled wool slippers just like you have seen here along with some organic cottons and other fun things. . As for now, shipping will of course be combined from Woollybottoms and Snow and Arrow since they will be shipping from the same office.  Thank you all for your business over the years and making this wonderful change come about.


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