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Woollybottoms is FOR SALE

Woollybottoms was born about 13 years ago in 2005 when my oldest son developed extremely sensitive skin.  He still battles today as a teenager occasionally. Cloth diapers were a natural fit for our lifestyle and his comfort. I developed a wool diaper cover brand that has withstood the test of time. The Woollybottoms name is a SOLID name that stands for quality and exceptional customer service. Why am I selling? I unexpectedly became pregnant with twins and gave birth in April 2015 to my wonderful identical boys.  I had always intended to keep the business ongoing and do limited stockings. Life with twins (and 2 older children) have not allowed that to happen at all. I love this chapter of life I am in and want to live it to the very fullest.  What that means, is I need to face the reality and pass this business on. At the height of production, I had 1 full time seamstress working for me and I worked in the business full time as well. We have a very steady base of wholesale customers across the US and Canada. 


What is included in the sale:

Website, domain, all ownership to the Woollybottoms name

Recipe for our famous Love Spell Lanolin

Approx 1800 woven tags and hang tags

Facebook page with approx 5500 organic followers

All of our sources on supplies

20 hours mobile training on our production methods and using recycled wool successfully

Hard patterns for all of our soakers, rough patterns for our footies and longies (these vary because of how we use the sweaters)

Base Price: $10,000


What is NOT included in base price but optional for additional cost TBD:

3-step industrial zig-zag machine (used to sew in wetzones into hybrid soakers), Pegasus industrial serger

Cutting press is not included but we can point you to a good source. The press we use was approx $7,000 our cost.

Dies for hybrid soakers used with a press

Digital Patterns

Wool (we do have a TON of wool left over.  Not much left in the fun lambswool prints but we do have a fair amount of cashmere and merino wool) We do have some very limited amounts of organic interlock yardage and scraps.

In person training.