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Woollybottoms was born in 2004 with the birth of our little guy, Caleb.  We knew we wanted to cloth diaper from the very beginning with frugality as our number one reason.  As it turned out, Caleb had (and still has) extremely sensitive skin and we began a battle with all sorts of skin ailments. We quickly noticed how his skin would not tolerate anything besides cloth diapers which prompted us to dig further into the benefits of cloth.  As the humid heat of  Arkansas summer ramped up, a new skin ailment popped up.... extreme heat rash caused from non-breathable diaper covers which once again prompted further investigation to find an alternative.  The only alternative was wool and what an amazing thing it was!  Wool is a natural fiber, breathable, anti-bacterial.... it was like it was too good to be true!  Soon I found myself making my own covers for Caleb since I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for on the market.  With a new found passion for this miracle diaper cover that seemed to solve all of our diapering problems, Woollybottoms was born.  We have grown over the years and now make each and every piece by hand and with love at our studio in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  We are committed to providing a one of a kind, heirloom quality piece.  Woollybottoms can now be found at retailers all over the world.  We currently do absolutely no advertising and rely strictly on our customer's word of mouth which we think is pretty amazing!

                                ~The Foster Family